NOMINAL TORQUE*       52,000 ft- lb   (71 kNm)

ACTUAL TORQUE*           43,000 ft-lb   (58 kNm)

LINE PULL                            18,000 lb      (80 kN)

DEPTH**                                        96 ft       (29 m)

WEIGHT**                             45,000 lb     (20 mt)

The Model 1100 is a self-contained, hydraulic or mechanical drill unit specifically designed for mounting on a 6x4 truck or a crawler type undercarriage.  It is available in long or short mast versions with up to 4 kelly elements.

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* Nominal Torque (aka Rated Torque) is published by all manufacturers but is actually a theoretical calculation that ignores the 15% - 20% efficiency loss present in all rigs.

* Actual Torque is the usable torque at the tool determined through testing of every Watson rig. This value is not typically shared by manufacturers.

**Varies depending on excavator mount and bars


  • controlled freefall single layer grooved winch

    The controlled freefall is a critical part of productive drilling. The 1100's controlled freefall  rate of speed is adjustable to meet the needs of the operator and demands of the auger and bar arrangement.  Combined with a grooved winch drum big enough to keep all of wire rope on one layer, speed and consistent pull are achieved along with unparalleled rope management.

  • dry telescoping square or round locking bars

    Dry Kellys eliminate vulnerable hydraulic packings and potential for rod damage that cause wet kellys to leak. Watson's crowd system allow for the use of multi element telescoping square or round locking bars which give you deeper options including short masts that can still reach 37' (11.3m).

  • top applied kelly crowd system

    Watson's top crowd system applies the downward force to the top of the kelly rather than through the wet kelly known to pressure diggers.  By crowding from the top, the wear and tear on the rotary from crowd forces is eliminated while also allowing the operator to drill straighter holes.

  • non-permit load on 6x4 chassis

    Freedom from transport restrictions and avoidance of permit fees.  Flexibility to mount on any suitable chassis such as 6x6 or even used chassis.


    Rotary Drive is available as a mechanical or a hydraulic rotary. Mechanical rotaries are known for their speed and responsiveness in many different conditions while hydraulic rotaries are good for coring rock and allow the use of more kelly bar elements.


    Most mast movement in the industry, to help get around electrical lines better than the competition. 

  • multiple MAST LENGTH OPTIONS including 23' super short

    Mast length can be ordered in multiple different heighths. When coupled with telescoping Kelly bars (round or square), a wide range of drill depths are obtainable.


    From paint schemes, to water tanks, to Kelly bar stubs, WATSON manufactures customized rigs, welcoming the opportunity to customize your drill to suit your specific needs.

Typical applications

The 1100TM provides the versatility needed for a wide range of applications from Utility Distribution, to light commercial applications.  The popular truck mounted version eliminates mobilization headaches making the 1100 a productive profitable rig for large and small jobs.

  • Electrical distribution
  • Light Commercial
  • Residential
  • Roadway Signs, guardrails
  • Transmission lines

Short MAST MObility

Most mast movement in the industry, will get around electrical lines better than the competition.


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