• "The structure would require 300 drilled shafts ranging from 30 inches to 72 inches in diameter and 10 feet to 60 feet deep installed over 5 different building foundation levels" -FOUNDATION DRILLING AUG 2019

  • "Even over the small footprint of the project, the type of granite encountered changed from a salt and pepper granite with thick quartz veins to a blue granite so hard it seemed it couldn’t be scratched. Using three of our trusty Watson workhorses, we began doing what we do best—removing hard rock from the ground." -FD AUG 2019

  • For its offensive strategy, Big Dog relied heavily on its DFW team partner, Watson Drill Rigs. All three Watson rigs drafted [1100, Excadrill, 2500] were picked for their individual use, specific and unique to the DCM Project. For the first pick, Big Dog Drilling went with the obvious choice of the Watson Truck Mounted 1100.  “Watson’s TM 1100 also offers the ability to mobilize and demobilize at the drop of a hat, making it a key player on the roster.”  FD - July 2019

  • “Two things quickly come to mind when remembering Billy, and they have less to do with work and more to do with the relationships he built,” explains Doug. “You couldn’t have known Billy for long before you realized his affinity for Budweiser and the Philadelphia Eagles.”  -FD April 2019