American Manufacturing :

With the exception of a few premium components only available from Europe, 100% of Watson's fabrication, machine and assembly work is done in the USA with American Labor.

what "MADE IN the usa" means

Many companies loosely throw around the term "Made in the USA" when it is largely untrue. Not Watson.

95% of the money you spend with Watson goes to American workers, American suppliers, and American infrastructure.

Manufactured: 100% of Watson manufacturing is done in the USA.

Assembled: 100% of our assembly is done by Watson employees in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Designed: 100% of our design, testing, and service and administration payroll goes to American workers.

Established: Watson has been built on the backs of four generations of hard working Americans and is still managed today by the Watson family. 

Sourcing: 95% of our suppliers are US established companies.