Watson is proud to announce that as of December 2019, 10 years after becoming part of the Trevi Group of companies, Doug and David Watson have regained full ownership of the Company. Management over the last 10 years has always been in the hands of the Watsons', but restoring full, private, family ownership guarantees that Watson will remain true to our core principle: driving our customers' success with reliable, productive drill rigs and factory direct support. A heartfelt thank you to all of our customers who made this possible with your dedication to our rigs. -Watson Family

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   As a long recognized leader and innovator in the Drilled Shaft Industry, Watson is uniquely qualified to design and manufacture drill rigs for drilled shaft (bored pile) construction. Having originated as drilling contractors, 4 generations of the Watson family have understood the advantage of using the most dependable, versatile and productive equipment available as well as the essential nature of exceptional customer support. 

Watson offers a wide range of customizable drill rigs built rugged to provide years of proven field performance and maintain a high resale value. Please visit our products page to view our lineup or contact us for details on our rigs and their applications in the foundation, energy, utility and earth retention industries.

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the watson family

4 generations of Watson's have invested their Lives, their Leadership, and their Passion in the company, allowing it to grow and expand for over 95 years.  

  • doug watson - OWNER, PRESIDENT, CEO


  • david watson - OWNER, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD


  • jack watson - Co-Founder of the ADSC


  • verne watson - Founder


our extended family

The values of respect, resourcefulness and loyalty are central to the culture at Watson and are a key reason that the company has endured for over 9 decades.   The generations and diversity of hardworking people that have help build and sustain this unique manufacturing company through good times and bad are really the people responsible for its long success.