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  • "In 2009, one of the best-known names in North America’s drilled shaft industry, Watson Drill Rigs, became part of the Trevi Group of companies.

    Ten years later, the Watson clan, which started their family business in Fort Worth, Texas, nearly 100 years ago, repurchased Trevi’s shares. While the Watson family never stopped managing the company, regaining full ownership restores the Watsons’ ability to direct the

    company’s future..."

  • "Recently, Watson’s 97-year history took a surprising, yet very favorable turn when Doug and David Watson capitalized on the opportunity to regain 100% ownership of the family business. This fateful event not only allows Watson to continue with its longstanding ideology of factory-direct sales and support, it also frees Watson to reassert its long established position in the heavy foundation market with the introduction of a new CAT based 50 ton hydraulic drill..."

  • "In the drilling world, innovation is about overcoming the challenges of drilling to find that competitive edge so crucial to success in today’s market. But all too often, too much focus is placed on new bells, whistles and gadgets, rather than dedicating innovative energy to find ways to improve upon the fundamentals..."

  • "When you get right down to it, drilling is just putting a hole in the ground,

    right? Sounds easy enough? So if hole drilling is so easy, seems like anyone

    with some cash should be able to just rent a rig and a tool and jump in the

    game?  And if anyone can jump in without any capital investment or risk..."

  • "Verne Watson was born in 1896 and grew into an adult in an era when jobs weren’t handed out and no safety nets were available for those who didn’t find work. He lived in Fort Worth, Texas, in the middle of oil country. As a young husband, his resourcefulness emerged quickly when he established the Fort Worth House Moving Company circa 1922..."